Turi Avola

Photographer Rome, Italy

Turi Avola was born in Herford (Germany) 09th of August 1977, a city located in the lowlands between the Wiehen’s hill chains and the Teutoburg Forest. On the age of 5 his family decided to be back in the Italy homeland moving to Giarratana, a small village in South Oriental part of Sicily.

This change generate to him an explosion of creativity having as further result the interest for a lot of art forms.
When the study has been concluded Turi decided to move to Rome watching the city as better opportunity for having a job and sustainable life.

It was 2004 and again with an environment changes the Artist grow a new arts interest.
He started a personal research as a self-taught in different kind of arts techniques and composition (oil and acrylic on canvas, china on paper, collage, photography, scenography…)influenced by the artists comes from Dadaism or Surrealism, such Bellmer, Bacon, Dalì,

Today his peculiarity is to represent women in surrealistic and dreamy contest.
He’s working a Black and White photo session projects, where he has the intent to analyze the multiple game of personality that is living inside each one of us; the interior fight and our EGO!

From the artist …:
“ I like to choose my model during my normal life. Rome is a full strength “recipient” of art and artist, people who experiment their life through different type of art. Most of them are Burlesque Performers, Performance Artists, Actresses and Dancers who I meet during my nightlife. I like to pass with them some of my private time having as result some emotional synergy which is natural reused on the stage. It gives me the opportunity to share with them my dreamlike vision and to ask them to act naturally during the photo sessions…

…most of the scenography is self-made, starting from researching for raw material, devising specific lightning, set up the scenography, so to make each shoot a special and unique artwork… in this way I have the opportunity to capture the essence of each model also reproduced in an exterior scenography result. I mean the women interior represented even by the scenography. That’s why for me is such important to know my model also outside the stage.”


Photographer - Scenographer